SUCCESS! Thanks to my friend, Jeff, we got all the photos pulled in from my SmugMug account. Videos are also now actually present on the videos page!

After all this time, Vegetable Sandwich is beginning to actually have all its pieces and parts put together. Organizing is really all that’s left to do.

Thank you for visiting!

The beat goes on

Been so long since I’ve updated anything on this site! A few things I’ve been wanting to do…

1. Either convert the photography to HTML5 or figure out a way to link directly to my SmugMug account. The latter is the way I’m leaning because it would allow me to use their server space and just upload photos to one place.

2. Link or figure out how to embed my YouTube videos to the video section of the web site.

3. WRITE AND RECORD MORE MUSIC! This should actually be priority number one.

Life has been extremely busy and full. I got married June 26, 2014 to a wonderful woman and her 2 awesome kids. We just bought a new, bigger house because we are expecting a baby boy in July 2015!

And the beat goes on!


HTML5! That’s right. No more Flash. What does that mean? It means that all the music on this sight can be played on any device! Have an iPhone or an iPad? No problem. HTML5 doesn’t care! Plus, I think the players themselves look a LOT better. The players offer more functionality as well. Want to listen while you continue browsing elsewhere? No problem. The HTML5 players have a “pop-out” button that opens them up in their own window. There is also a clearly marked “download” button to for those that wish to download and keep the tunes. Pretty exciting stuff!

~ Dave

Making progress

Figured out a way to have a player that plays the whole album and still allows downloads today. Wish I could figure out how to position the different elements to be where I want. I’d like the player to be positioned to the right of the album art. I’m sure it’s something goofy. I’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in downloading one of my songs, just click on the little triangle icon in the player to the right of the song you’d like to download. Easy!

One of the things about a WordPress based web site are all the plug-ins available to make various things happen. It’s been quite overwhelming. As soon as I get the Music page set up the way I want, I’ll begin work on the Photography page and so on. There’s about a gagillion photo and slide-show plug-ins. I’ll need to find one I like so, there will be some experimenting going on with that when I get to it.

~ Dave